Build and automate any HR process flow with Workflows.


  • Contributed as the Lead Designer and Product Manager

  • The project took 6 months from idea to BETA launch

  • Shipped an additional 6 major feature enhancements for Workflows

  • 500k+ workflow tasks completed, saving countless hours of process management

  • Over 50% of new customers adopted Workflows

The Problem

The Problem

HR processes are disconnected making them time consuming to manage.

HR teams have several unique processes that are usually tracked across email, spreadsheets, documents and folders. Making sure these processes are done in the correct order, on time and with the right people is a challenge, and often times required tasks can get missed or forgotten resulting in compliance issues for the company.

Disconnected spreadsheets make collaboration difficult.

Sending emails and follow ups to get tasks completed takes a lot of time.

No centralized place to organize and collaborate around the process.

The Solution

The Solution

Build, automate and track your process all in one place.

Workflows let HR teams build their process workflow once and repeat it again and again. Tasks in the Workflow can be assigned to the right people with due dates, and conditional logic can be set to ensure the right tasks are completed in the correct order. No more messy spreadsheets and disorganized documents — everything is securely stored and organized in one place.

Key Features

Key Features

We designed key building blocks that empowered users to build their processes

Workflow Template

Create your process once and repeat it


Assign people and due dates

Form Fields & Variables

Collect data and share it with others

Dashboard Overview

Keep track of your all workflow progress


Your tasks and notifications in one place


Choose who has access to what data

Our Process

Our vision was to design Workflows to be flexible enough to tackle any process

To achieve that, we compiled customer feedback, did competitor analysis, and designed an architecture with flexibility at its core. Here's a quick overview of some of the steps we took:

  1. Interview Customers 💬
    We interviewed ~10 customers to get an idea of their process flows. We received dozens of spreadsheet templates and documents we used to help prioritize the most important building blocks in Workflows.

  2. Competitive Deconstructs 🕵️‍♂️
    Looked at competitors in the HR space and no-code workflow builders apps to get an idea of some of the problems that may have been solved, and where we could deliver a better experience.

  3. Architecture, Spec & Wireframes ✍️
    Wrote a product spec for the feature to get stakeholder alignment, and produced initial wireframes of how the feature could work to solve real-world process workflows.

  4. Design & Engineering 🛠
    Worked closely with the engineering team to design a flexible architecture, and built the core pieces needed to launch the BETA version of Workflows.

  5. Beta Launch! 🧪
    We launched a BETA version of Workflows to a few customers to gather feedback and tackle the highest priority feedback.

  6. Marketing Launch 🚀
    We launched a BETA version of Workflows to a few customers to gather feedback and tackle the highest priority feedback.

  7. Workflow Enhancements ✨
    We continued adding several more feature enhancements to Workflows based on customer feedback to help make it easier to manage their processes.

The Results

Workflows quickly became the #1 add-on feature and an overall favorite

  1. Workflow Task Completed
    500k+ workflow tasks were completed, helping save HR and employees thousands of hours of process management work.


Workflow Tasks Completed

  1. Reduced Sales Objections
    Workflows helped the Sales team with objections as its flexibility allowed them to solve problems that GoCo didn't have a native feature for. A client with a unique process flow could have that process built with Workflows.


New Customers Purchased

  1. Customer Feedback
    Workflows received much praise from customers using it to automate their processes.


We used our learnings to improve the user experience

  1. "Start From Scratch" is hard
    You could build almost any process with Workflows, but sometimes users found it challenging to start from scratch. We helped solve this by launching a Workflow Gallery that allowed users to get up and running with pre-made templates.

  2. Task notifications were ignored
    Even though Workflows handled automatic notifications, a lot of the times the employees and managers they were sent to either ignored them or didn't see them (due to being overwhelmed with other priorities). We helped solve this by building better tooling for HR teams to send messages and reminders to people to complete their Workflows. Personalized messages that came directly from HR led to increased interactions with incomplete tasks and helped get processes completed.

  3. No Code Strategy
    Workflows set the foundation for a no-code strategy that had a compounding effect on feature development. Investing in new building-blocks benefited multiple use-cases and features across GoCo, and also helped improve the user experience by sharing common UX patterns and flows - making features more familiar across GoCo.


We added Workflow enhancements to make managing processes even easier

  1. Workflow Schedules 📅
    Automatically start your workflows based on a custom schedule.
    Example: send a survey questionnaire workflow every 2 weeks.

  2. Workflow Start Task 🟢
    Fully customize the starting screen that users see when starting a Workflow.
    Example: Let your team fill in an Equipment Request form when starting the workflow.

  3. User Fields 👤
    Select specific people on your team in a dropdown field, and use that data throughout your workflow. Example: Select an Onboarding Buddy and automatically assign them to tasks

  4. Multiple Choice and Opinion Scale fields ❓
    Insert multiple choice and opinion scale rating fields into your Workflows.
    Example: Capture your team's sentiment by asking them to fill in an opinion scale field.

  5. Workflow Reports 📈
    Gain insights and make better decisions by building custom reports with data captured inside of your Workflows.

  6. Workflows Template Gallery 🖼
    Pre-made Workflow templates that helps users get started with common Workflow processes with just a few clicks.

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Looking for a results driven Product Designer?

Let's chat!

© Axel Norvell 2023